Online shop of personalized socks with any faces on

  • triggered emails practically haven’t been used before in the account;
  • existing email threads are too long;
  • email content and thread length needed changing;

Advertising campaigns were launched in August 2019


# Problems

to increase revenue through email marketing; to optimize email automation; to engage existing customers; to create automated special offer and promotional emails

# Solutions

First of all, we carried out an account audit to identify problems and to see the current state of mail distribution.

Then, we created unique email design styled after our client’s website, thought through the texts, scheduled an experiment with photos and GIF images in letters to engage the audience.  

новый дизайн рассылки

In this way, we managed to receive good results. The revenue from promotional emails increased by more than 400%. 

Together with promotional email optimization, we improved automated welcome emails. 


The first letter was meant to acquaint customers with the online shop and its owners. We added owners’ names into the email signature as personalized letters usually work well. 

The second letter contained an offer of best selling products

The third letter acquainted customers with a company’s dog Buffy that used to welcome all users in the email distribution. Now Buffy’s task was to bring discounts to the customers. 

As a result, the revenue from new welcome emails increased by 200%, together with email click rate and email open rate which increased by 151% and 22% respectively. 

Furthermore, we successfully optimized abandoned cart emails. They used to consist of 6 letters and a text message which just bombarded users who unsubscribed because of that. So, we kept just 3 engaging emails:

  • the first letter informed the customers about the abandoned cart;
  • the second letter informed the customer about the abandoned product offering a small discount;
  • the third letter offered a bigger discount together with sad Buffy’s face expressing regret that the customer hasn’t bought anything.

брошенная корзина рассылка

As a result, the revenue from new abandoned cart emails increased by 300%, together with click rate and email open rate which increased by 76,4% and 30% respectively. 

Just one month later, we managed to increase the number of transactions from email distribution by 305%, the revenue increased by 377%. 

We also compared the efficiency of email distribution and search engine marketing working simultaneously over the same period of time. 

сравнение контекстной рекламы и email маркетинга

The revenue from email marketing was 72% higher, the number of transactions was bigger by 73%. 

As you can see, email marketing can be highly efficient on condition that it is properly adjusted and doesn’t spam your audience.


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  • More than

    400%increase in the revenue from promotional emails

  • More than

    200%increase in the revenue from welcome emails

  • More than

    300%increase in increase in the revenue from abandoned cart emails

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